International Recruitment to Australia

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Keen to kickstart your prospects of working overseas? You’re in the right place.

Unite Resourcing has extensive experience in the onboarding of international recruits. Our team are with you all the way, assisting with the filling out and submission of your working visa, putting you in touch with your employer, completing all necessary pre-employment processes to get you settled into your new life abroad. This recruitment management service is entirely fee-free.

Moving overseas, no matter how long for, is a daunting exercise even for the most prepared of people. That’s why it is so important to have knowledgeable support for a seamless transition into the Australian workforce.

Unite Resourcing have staffing experts that specialise in a number of core Australian industries, such as:

  • Mining / Oil and Gas
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Labour and Construction
  • Regional and Remote Hospitality
  • Facilities Management
  • Trades and Services

The FAQs of International Recruitment Procedures at Unite Resourcing

What visa options are there and which one should I apply for?

There are a number of visa options for workers planning to secure a job down under, such as a: temporary skills shortage visa, employer nomination scheme visa, skilled employer sponsored regional (provisional) visa, designated area migration agreement, working holiday visa and training visa.

When you submit an enquiry/expression of interest form to Unite Resourcing, we will get in touch to determine what visa best suits your individual circumstance.

How long does the process take from Expression of Interest?

Once you have completed your EOI and resume, you will be passed through directly to a member of Unite Resourcing’s recruitment team.

As part of our complementary client onboarding service, we review your resume, qualifications and industry/role/duration preferences to assess opportunities that are best suited to your criteria.

In the background, we also begin to assist you with filling your visa application.

Once both parties (employer and employee) are connected, we begin to organise transport and accommodation. With clarity around your final working arrangements, your visa is lodged for processing.

Overall, the process on average takes 6-8 weeks from expression of intent, through to you having the boots on the ground.

As an international candidate, why should I seek work through a recruiter rather than doing it on my own?

To put it concisely, the answer to this really boils down to three key things: reputation, simplification and security.

Reputation-wise, Unite Resourcing are a well-established Australian recruitment company with extensive experience in global mobility and international recruitment.

Having a number of employees within our own business – including our very own Founder/Managing Director Aidan Murphy who hails from Ireland – we have the firsthand experience that we can leverage to make sure that your recruitment experience is a seamless one.

Seamlessness ties into our promise of simplification. Once you have expressed your intent to work in Australia, we manage the job seeking/securing/commencement process alongside you, answering any questions you might have whether it be about paperwork, process, or even lifestyle related.

Finally, there’s security. Security in knowing that employment is guaranteed prior to your arrival – with a reputable and quality employer that will provide you with competitive rates, job perks and opportunities. There is also security in mateship. When you land, Unite Resourcing ensures you aren’t alone – providing you with a full meet and greet, orientation and regular social events to allow you to interact/meet other individuals.

Curious to Learn More or Submit an Expression of Interest?

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