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Our Labour Hire and Recruitment Outsourcing Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service that most recruitment agencies offer. It allows a business to pass on the responsibilities of recruiting for a permanent role to an external agent or service. An agency offering RPO will act as a temporary HR department, providing the client with the expertise of an experienced hiring manager without needing to pay a hefty full-time salary.

The value of Unite Resourcing’s RPO services comes from the resources saved by using our agency. Not only are our staff highly experienced in hiring, they are also external to your business! This means you don’t have to reduce your business capacity to post job ads, screen applicants and host interviews.

Pay for the hiring service when you need it, gain access to years of hiring experience and spend more time growing your business.

Why Hire Through a Recruitment Agency Instead of Job Boards Like SEEK?

  • More Accurate Market Salary Data
    With access to a database of up-to-date salary data, we can provide you with insights based on thousands of employee’s salary data. This ensures you are paying competitive rates and prevents your company from losing the perfect candidate from misjudgement of current salary expectations.
  • Reduced Search and Selection Time
    We have a team operating around the clock, updating job ads, sorting paperwork, assessing applications and using advanced recruitment tools. This is why our recruitment solutions offer maximum ROI to our clients. Focus on your business priorities and see a quality hiring solution arrive faster.
  • Candidate Screening to Fit Selection Criteria
    We complete background and residency checks to eliminate time-wasters, maximise compliancy, and produce higher quality candidates.

  • Boost the Quality of Your Talent Pool
    With access to an entire workforce of highly trained staff and registered training providers, through Unite Resourcing you will find candidates that no job board or search engine can offer.

    While Seek, Jora and Gumtree offer quantity, Unite Resourcing offers quality.

Managed Service Programmes (MSP)

A Managed Service Program (MSP) allows a business to hire an agency to handle the processes, responsibilities and compliances necessary for managing a workforce. A recruitment agency offering a MSP to their client will provide a total labour hire solution. They will handle the onboarding, payroll, performance tracking and more.

The value of a MSP comes from its ability to comfortably inflate or deflate the size of its workforce using temporary labour hire. This means your business can operate at optimum capacity without the stress of hiring staff or making them redundant.

Employers will also benefit from the exposure a MSP can offer to their workforce. Highly trained temporary staff bring insights and training from others in the industry.

Find new efficiencies and boost your performance with a fresh new perspective on your business processes.

Unite Resourcing Handle all Candidate Onboarding & Payroll Function Capabilities

At Unite Resourcing we offer our clients a start to finish service. This begins with the onboarding process. Before our candidate arrives at your workplace, they will be totally site ready.

This means our entire workforce arrives at your workplace equipped with…

  • All tickets: Certified and up to date
  • Uniform and PPE
  • Compliance with all regulations that affect your business
  • All medical checks
  • Understanding of your site through an induction that we host

Unite Resourcing also remove the stress by managing payroll functions for all candidates we place. We handle all timesheets, compliance, insurance, accounting, cash flows for our labour hire solutions.

Let Us Connect with You and Your Business

No matter the nature of your enquiry, the expert team at Unite Resourcing will do our best to address it. Questions from jobseekers, employers; or general queries relating to our services, industry and recruitment are welcomed.

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A Perth Recruitment Agency Helping Local Businesses Find Qualified Staff

An Agency that Immerses Itself in Your Business for the Best Results

Unite Resourcing has a reputation in Perth for its thorough recruitment approach when solving staff hire problems.

Our comprehensive recruitment process involves a thorough understanding of each role’s specific duties, the desired skills, training and/or qualifications required, training opportunities and company culture and benefits. Although we endeavour to be swift in our process, we balance timeliness with diligence, promising top talent that won’t disappoint.

At Unite Resourcing, we do more than follow your selection criteria. As professionals, we also understand market conditions and how this impacts workforce and recruitment services. We aim to recruit high achievers who are matched to your work culture and ultimately lift performance.

A Recruitment Team that will Outperform Your Expectations

High-level industry experience assures great results from recruitment specialists across all sectors.

Future-focused with a holistic approach to ‘people’ rather than ‘candidates,’ our recruiters have industry experience within the mining, construction and engineering sectors providing superior ‘first-hand’ knowledge to maintain your high standards.

Let our expert team streamline your recruitment process, call us today!

A Database of Skilled Workers for Your Next Project

Our large pool of highly-trained workers allows for rapid deployment of staff to fill the skill gaps in your upcoming projects roster.

Thanks to our extensive database of highly skilled candidates, Unite Resourcing can offer a managed service programme (MSP) designed to minimise labour and onboarding expenses. We have a solid base of pre-qualified skilled and unskilled workers to enable rapid project scaling, with systems in place to keep our workforce site-ready including compliance and training.

A Long-Term Solution to Short Term Staffing Problems

Attack your short-term, temporary, contract, and permanent staffing problems with a long-term partnership solution.

Whether it be blue-collar or white-collar recruitment, we connect, collaborate, build and nurture our long-term partnerships so that we can deliver promptly and confidently. Find out more about what MSP can do for your business on our employer services page.

Safety First Recruitment

Safety underpins our core business values. While risk does not discriminate, we know like no other mining recruitment agency the additional precautions that need to be taken in the minerals, energy and construction sectors.

Our promise to our partners and workforce is that we ensure that any candidate attending a client worksite must follow our governing HSE practices and abide by our health, safety and environment (HSE) policy.

We Undertake the Following Actions to Avoid Breaches of Safety:

  • Medical and physical examinations to confirm fitness to work
  • Licenses and qualifications check
  • On site safety audits
  • Site inductions
  • Provision of PPE

Read more about our commitment to ensuring a safe work environment.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say


5 star rating from Google

I was hired as an all round operator with Unite. My point of contact was easy to work with and all questions were handled in a personable and professional manner. I have since completed my probationary period, and am now on a company’s books full time. The timesheet is done electronically and not once was there ever an issue of non-payment. Best recruitment agency I have been involved with hands down.


Brett Atfield


5 star rating from GoogleI have been with Unite Resourcing for a few years now and they are very easy to work with and have gone above & beyond to help find me work. My main account manager has been awesome to work with, very professional and has gone out of her way for myself. I would definitely recommended anyone looking for work to get in contact with Unite Resourcing.

John Cataldo


5 star rating from GoogleI’d like to say I found my interviewer to be a very friendly and likeable person and the interview I had was the most comfortable and relaxed I have had. I also appreciated the way they would reply to my Text or Email enquiries.

Lynne Ogg

5 star rating from GoogleI have dealt with Unite since I first arrived in Australia and they have always been extremely helpful in finding suitable employment for me. They have always been very friendly and helpful with any questions or concerns I may have. Unite Resourcing have been a pleasure to deal with.

Seamus McEvoy

5 star rating from GoogleI got in contact with Unite about an upcoming construction job. They were able to get me organised quickly with only a few days before the start of the project. People in the team are very reliable and professional and I appreciate them picking up the phone whenever I call. I had a great experience!


5 star rating from GoogleUnite got me a job with Jack Hills as Camp Manager Chef. This position was late in starting but I was kept in contact with Unite at all times so I knew what was going on. I have met some of the team at the office and always found them to be helpful and happy. You don’t find many recruiting staff who not only love their job but take pleasure in helping.

Craig Knowler

Camp Manager Chef
5 star rating from Google I saw an ad on seek advertising a civil labourer job. I rang the contact number provided and my contact was very helpful from the beginning. She was very friendly and professional. She was also very comprehensive regarding information about the job and inductions which made the entire recruitment process very straight forward. I was very pleased with the service provided and it has been a pleasure working with Unite Resourcing.

Keith Coughlan

Civil Labourer

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