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About Us
Unite Resourcing are a leading labour hire and recruitment company.
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Global Mobility
Global Mobility
Unite Resourcing offer a seamless onboarding process, providing an end-to-end resourcing and global mobility service.
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Linking skilled international talent to Australian business

Unite Resourcing have obtained a pre-approved TS482 Labour On-Hire Agreement with the Australian Department of Immigration, giving our clients access to a global talent pool of skilled candidates ready to
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Want to Work in Construction?

Established Recruitment Agency with the Industry Connections to Create your Workforce

Unite Resourcing is not just a highly regarded and established recruitment agency with a national footprint to boot, we are a full service, managed workforce solutions provider.

This means we capably manage a pool of certified, highly trained, highly qualified staff – giving us the ability to offer our clients a skilled labour hire solution on short notice.

Recruiting to tight deadlines does not equate to recruiting in haste, however. Regardless of turnaround requirements, Unite Resourcing will undertake a rigorous candidate review process – progressing resumes to interviews, to onboarding; with efficiency and professionalism that stem from years of industry recruitment experience.

But why is a steadfast recruitment service so necessary, even in times of immediate need? The answer is simple. Looking beyond our own KPIs, and to the client’s long-term goals – Unite Resourcing understands that the people we choose end up on your teams. If we do not do our utmost to ensure we have found the right fit for role requirements, employers are faced with having to start the process over – costing considerable and additional time and effort that could have otherwise been avoided.

For that reason, we will always seek to go above and beyond to get the job done, right.

Wherever you are, whatever you do – we can mobilise a workforce to suit

Labour hire in Australia encompasses a vast range of industry and personnel requirements.

Recruiting for projects all over the nation, Unite Resourcing have amassed an impressive database of work-ready candidates that fit the requirements of prominent Australian blue-collar industries, such as:
  • Mining/FIFO Jobs
  • Site Shutdowns 
  • Trades and Services  
  • Labour and Construction 
  • Road Construction 
  • Facilities Management 
  • Regional/Remote Hospitality 
  • Engineering 
  • Oil and Gas Rig Work 

Australian Jobseekers: Why Fulfil your Blue-Collar Job Search through Unite?

Blue-collar jobs are abundant in Australia. From the ever-robust West Australian Mining industry to the booming Victorian labour and construction sector – there are no shortage of opportunities for jobseekers.

Unite Resourcing have engaged employer companies across every state. This, combined with our connected team, ensures that no matter where you are in Australia – you receive a personal onboarding service that efficiently and comfortably handles your transition into a suitable workforce.

Where Unite Resourcing makes the most impact for candidates, is our ability to identify best matched jobs based upon relevant qualifications, experience, rosters, salary expectations and the like.

For workers starting out in their blue-collar job search, having an experienced person on hand to assist and address any queries relieves a lot of the burdens that come with seeking employment.

Let Us Connect with You and Your Business

No matter the nature of your enquiry, the expert team at Unite Resourcing will do our best to address it. Questions from jobseekers, employers; or general queries relating to our services, industry and recruitment are welcomed.
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