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Unite Resourcing are a leading labour hire and recruitment company.
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Global Mobility
Unite Resourcing offer a seamless onboarding process, providing an end-to-end resourcing and global mobility service.
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Linking skilled international talent to Australian business

Unite Resourcing have obtained a pre-approved TS482 Labour On-Hire Agreement with the Australian Department of Immigration, giving our clients access to a global talent pool of skilled candidates ready to
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Permanent Employment

Searching for a permanent position is a huge undertaking for any individual, particularly if you are not sure where exactly to start.

At Unite Resourcing, we seek to make your search a simplified process.

With an exceptional calibre of employer companies and an abundance of full time and part time jobs spanning Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and beyond – Unite Resourcing has the connections and resources to get you into a permanent position that meets your criteria.

Unite Resourcing has invested a considerable amount of time and money into developing the processes and tools that enable our team to efficiently and quantifiably match candidates to live roles based upon sets of predetermined parameters as agreed with the job seeker.

Our business has established strong footing in recruitment for the mining, trades/services, labour/construction, facilities management, hospitality and oil & gas industries across both blue and white collar roles.

Interested in securing full time or part time work in an abundant Australian sector? Upload your resume today or visit our job search page to filter by position, location and permanency.
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Benefits of Permanent Employment
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Managed Labour Hire Solutions for Sustained Growth

When you secure permanent employment in Australia, there are a host of mandatory entitlements that you are owed as a minimum. These include:

  • Sick Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Accrue Super

Basically, as you work, you accrue a certain amount of leave in each of these categories that enables you to take time off and still be paid according to your regular hourly wage or salary. In addition, the nest egg of funds that is known as your super will be allocated a certain percentage of your income that can be accessed upon retirement.

Job Security

When you are offered permanency in a job, you are assured that your job cannot be revoked from you without notice or without reason.

In a casual or temporary role, tomorrow is not necessarily guaranteed – and if you are let go of in these settings, you do not have a whole stack of options. As a permanent employee, you are entitled to a pay out at a minimum, and if you believe you were wrongfully dismissed you can be entitled to further compensation if your claims are proven to be just.

Consistent Salary

On a par with job security, being in a permanent position with a set amount of hours means that you receive a consistent income. Knowing when your pay is coming and what approximate figure it will be enables you to effectively budget and plan for upcoming expenses, whether they fall into the category of a necessity or a ‘nice to have’. Budgeting in the long term means you can put aside savings that provide further assurance/buffer should an unexpected cost or event occur.

Additional Perks (Subject to individual company policy)

As a permanent part time/full time worker, companies will often throw in a host of additional benefits that are specific to the nature of their business. For example, a trade-centric company that requires you to travel to various work sites frequently and undertake laborious work might offer you the following in addition to the very base level entitlements that you have as an employee:

  • Car
  • Equipment
  • Professional Insurance

Additional benefits are easily something that can be negotiated between employee and employer at a given time – and if the company values you and your work, it is likely that accommodations can be made.

Career Development

Often, people put their roots down at companies or in roles that they feel have the potential to provide them with opportunities to grow or progress their career. Likewise, employer companies will often employ people on a permanent basis that they see this same potential reflected in. In this sense, an invested business and an invested employee have all the fundamentals for a rewarding, mutually beneficial and blossoming career.

Let Us Connect with You and Your Business

No matter the nature of your enquiry, the expert team at Unite Resourcing will do our best to address it. Questions from jobseekers, employers; or general queries relating to our services, industry and recruitment are welcomed.
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