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There are so many engineering opportunities in the mining and construction sector currently, especially as the west coast continues to drive the nation’s economic recovery.

Unite Resourcing excel in match making technical talent with employers, fulfilling temporary, long-term and permanent engineering vacancies.

With growth in the gold, iron ore and petroleum sectors, as well as strong Government investment in new projects and manufacturing, Unite Resourcing is seeing high demand in engineering employment and is well connected to secure your ideal engineering position.

Our dedicated engineering recruitment team have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all engineering activities from civil, construction, mechanical and electrical, and are on hand to discuss your unique recruitment needs.

Leverage our extensive connections, people-centric and hands on approach today.

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Latest Engineering Jobs

Types of Engineering Jobs

  • Construction Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Drainage Engineers
  • SMP Supervisors
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Study Managers
  • Mechanical Engineers (all levels)
  • Project Engineers
  • Surface & Underground
    Mining Engineering

Engineering Job Opportunities in 2021

Unite Resourcing’s Specialist Engineering Recruitment Team are Proud to Partner with Australia’s Leading Engineering Companies.

We are trusted by tier one mine operators and exploration companies to supply the right engineering talent at short notice.

Our clients are looking for quality engineering candidates across various disciplines. We assist them throughout the entire project lifecycle, delivering scaled project workforce solutions to meet their needs.

Looking for Perth Graduate Engineering Jobs?

Unite Resourcing are well connected in the Australian construction and mining industry, this gives us the opportunity to support your entrance into a career in engineering. If you are interested in gaining an entry level engineering position, give us a call today or visit our entry level positions page for more information.

Engineering Skilled Hire Solutions Australia-Wide

Unite Resourcing’s managed services programme (MSP) gives you access to a workforce of highly qualified engineers when you need them. Whether you are covering an urgent project and rapidly scaling a workforce, sourcing a specific technical skill, or simply optimising your engineering labour costs, we are your managed workforce solution.

With the flexible capacity that MSP enables, you can reach new heights with less risk. To find out more about our managed workforce solutions call us today or visit our employer services page.

Engineering Jobs on Part-Time, Full-Time, Temporary and Permanent Contracts

Engineering covers a lot of ground – For this reason we understand that flexibility is essential to employers in the industry. That is why we work with all employment contracts to cover both temporary engineering works and long-term assignments.

Specialised Recruitment For Engineering Projects

The Unite Resourcing workforce consultants are highly experienced in all technical disciplines and have personal experience in disciplines from mining, trades, construction and engineering. If you need engineers or are seeking to fulfil a specialised role that needs next level candidates, contact the Unite Resourcing recruitment team.

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