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Unite Resourcing are a leading labour hire and recruitment company.
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Global Mobility
Global Mobility
Unite Resourcing offer a seamless onboarding process, providing an end-to-end resourcing and global mobility service.
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Linking skilled international talent to Australian business

Unite Resourcing have obtained a pre-approved TS482 Labour On-Hire Agreement with the Australian Department of Immigration, giving our clients access to a global talent pool of skilled candidates ready to
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Road Construction Jobs in WA

Road Construction and Surfacing Jobs Opportunities Across Perth and WA

Looking for Work in WA’s Growing Road Construction Industry?

With some of the most extensive road networks in the world, Western Australia is in desperate need of skilled road labour. Unite Resourcing has plenty of vacancies on the books right now, from ticketed machine operators to surveyors and safety professionals.
Our approach is centred on personal support. We look after all the back-end administration and paperwork, help you through the application process and lay the groundwork to help you secure your next contract once the current project is complete. Above all, we ensure you work in a safe and secure environment, so you can concentrate on building roads and your future career.

Covering everything from general road surfacing, hotmix and spray seal jobs to qualified operator positions (including loader, roller and skid steer drivers), we have jobs throughout Perth and across the regions. Trust Unite Resourcing to find you the right position for your skill sets and needs anywhere in the state.

Road Construction and Road Surfacing Jobs

  • Road Surfacing – Hotmix and Spray Seal
  • Rake and Shovel Hand
  • Roller Operator – Multi and Steel
  • Paver Operator
  • Screed/Level Hand
  • Shuttle Buggy Operator
  • QA
  • Loader Operator (within fixed plant)
  • Engineer
  • Workshop Trades/Apprenticeships
  • Crew Truck Driver
  • Skid Steer Operator
  • Profiler Operator
  • Lab Technician
  • Batch Plant Operator (control room/production)
  • Flocon Driver
  • Administration Roles
  • HR Tipper Drivers
  • Trainees

Latest Surfacing and Road Construction Jobs

Paving The Way to More Effective Hiring With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Unite Resourcing makes it easier for road construction companies to source skilled labour. By utilising our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, you can avoid many of the potholes of hiring by simply passing the recruiting responsibility onto us.

We will be your temporary HR department, providing the power of an experienced hiring manager without the full-sized full-time salary.

Our RPO service also takes away the fiddly little speed bumps in the process of hiring asphalting labourers and other road construction talent. Posting job ads, screening applicants and hosting interviews – everything is done by Unite Resourcing, leaving you and your candidates to get on with the job.
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Major Benefits of Using Unite Resourcing to Hire Road Construction and Road Surfacing Labour

More accurate market salary data

We maintain a database of up-to-date salary information, providing you with insights based on thousands of employee’s salary data. You only pay competitive rates and get the right candidate at the right price.

Reduced search and selection time

Our team operates 24/7, updating job ads, sorting paperwork, assessing applications and using advanced recruitment tools. This way our recruitment solutions offer maximum ROI, with a faster hiring solution.

Candidate screening to fit selection criteria

Incorporating complete background and residency checks, we eliminate time wasters whilst maximising compliance, and delivering higher quality candidates.

Boost the quality of your talent pool

By accessing an entire workforce of highly trained staff and registered training providers, Unite Resourcing will find candidates that no job board or search engine can offer.

Let Us Connect with You and Your Business

No matter the nature of your enquiry, the expert team at Unite Resourcing will do our best to address it. Questions from jobseekers, employers; or general queries relating to our services, industry and recruitment are welcomed.
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