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Unite Resourcing have obtained a pre-approved TS482 Labour On-Hire Agreement with the Australian Department of Immigration, giving our clients access to a global talent pool of skilled candidates ready to
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International Borders Reopening to an Abundance of Job Opportunities in Perth

Date: May 20, 2022

With Australia's international borders reopened to the world, employers can again look further to fill employment shortfalls.

Australia’s international borders reopening has again provided companies with the unique opportunity to broaden their search for skilled labourers, to cover current job opportunities and industry shortages.

Particularly in the Australian mining sector, employment grew to reach a nine-year high – with over 270,000 workers employed in the May Quarter of 2021. The last time employment figures were recorded at or above 270,000 was in August 2012, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Other key highlights from the report include:

  • Victoria’s employment in the mining sector increased by 52%, to a total of around 3800 employees compared to the previous quarter
  • South Australia recorded its highest total of employees since November 2014, with 15,600 employees
  • Despite being known as the largest mining state, Western Australia experienced the smallest growth, with employment increasing by only 2400 – or 2.12%

The employment stagnation in the West Australian Mining industry could be the result of many factors; however, business analysts suggest the damaged workforce accessibility caused by COVID-19 and the considerable skills shortage is creating a large demand for work that employers are struggling to fulfil.

The opening of the West Australian borders to international workers could very well be the key to filling employment gaps – as well as providing a host of other benefits to employers.

The Importance of Overseas Knowledge 

Having a variety of different perspectives in the workforce allows for greater creativity on the job. The transfer of knowledge learned working in another country can help formulate new procedures and potentially more efficient techniques.

Additionally, a global business mindset can prove beneficial to both the expatriates and host country employees alike; and can lead to better employee morale, as well as a positive reputation for your company’s culture.

Being Prepared for a Wave of New Labour Hire 

Being on the front foot for new prospective workforce candidates entering into Australia could prove critical to lowering labour shortages in your company. Knowing what job roles have vacancies, and the skills you require to fill a position, will allow for seamless integration of new employees.

Working with an experienced labour hire company like Unite Resourcing will take the burden of recruiting to fill numerous job opportunities away from the company, allowing the focus to be maintained on current projects.

Be Open to Recruitment 

Having an open mind in your hiring practices will allow for a greater pool of job seekers and create a more inclusive business environment overall.

If you think your blue-collar labour hire processes could benefit further with the help of our expert recruitment team, get in touch with us to arrange a managed workforce solution for your job requirements!

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